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About Us.

D&D Medical Transport is a family-owned and operated business, co-founded by Denise Sanford and Dwight Green.  Within the last decade, like so many in their age group, Dwight and Denise found themselves needing to support their parents as their health began to decline.  They quickly realized how reliable transportation for the elderly and disabled is crucial to their overall health and wellbeing. 


Denise and Dwight’s father, David Green, was the first parent to require their support and advocacy; they spent many days and nights by his side to comfort him, to speak with the various health professionals involved in his care, and to be active partners in the decisions that needed to be made.  Fortunately, transportation to and from appointments was not a concern, as their father was able to drive to most of his appointments, or, when needed, be driven by a family member.  

Less than two years after losing their father in 2013, Denise and Dwight’s mother, Pat Green, suffered a massive stroke. She spent the majority of her remaining years in various care facilities.  Wheelchair bound, she was fully dependent on non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service for her visits to her doctors, dentist and other providers.  When the service was timely, the family appreciated knowing that their mother was getting the care she needed.  When the providers arrived late, or not at all, critical appointments were missed, meaning also that Denise had taken time off from work to be with her mother during visits or procedures that were canceled and rescheduled. 

When the Covid pandemic struck in 2020 and nursing homes shut their doors to visitors, Denise made the decision to bring her mother home with her.  With support from her daughter, Mikayla, and from Dwight, who had just returned to Virginia Beach, she became a full-time caregiver for her mother.  This meant dealing more directly with the NEMT providers, and more stress when the family would wonder, before each scheduled trip, whether or not it would actually happen.  


From this anxiety and frustration, D&D Medical Transport was born.  Denise and Dwight are committed to providing safe, courteous, and punctual transportation service in Hampton Roads.  When you choose D&D, you can rest assured that Dense, Dwight and their team will live up to their pledge:  “Transporting Your Family Like Ours.”  

Our Team.


Denise Sanford



Dwight Green


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